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Hey there, I’m Vrushali!

A content writer by profession and a writer (soon a published author) by passion. And Travel N Book Blog is my place to share my experiences with you. The idea of personal blogging came to my mind when I was working on a promotional blog for my former company and it didn’t leave my mind (not even on my honeymoon!) until I actually started blogging.

I like to read good stories, visit places may it be a new cafe in the city or a place out of town, listening to music, and trying and exploring new things. Sitting idle is an absolute NO for me! I always like to do something, it might be watching TV with my family or standing on the balcony and thinking for the inspiration and ideas to write. Coffee, dark chocolate and ice cream are my favourites.

In this space, I share my travel adventures and experiences, the places I’ve been to or want to visit, books I read (both the classics and the new ones) and my taste of music. My goal is to inspire you to take a break from your busy life and make some time for yourself. Start working on your dream whatever it may be your passion for music, dance, sports or travel. I know it’s easier said than done but I’ve followed and still following my words. And I like to think if I can you can too!

Going Deeper

Travel N Book Blog

After working as a Technical Consultant for almost 3 years for an IT company, I decided to leave the job. My family and friends opposed and criticised my decision for leaving such a well-paid job and career field for writing. But money doesn’t always bring happiness, right? After struggling for months I found my way. I got a job as a Content Writer and I found my self-confidence. I learned to be patient and try even harder after failure.

Here I’m sharing my failures and achievements, and my life experiences out of books and travel stories. I also wish to help beginners take their initial steps in the writing and publishing world with the tips and tricks and what I’ve learned so far throughout the process of my debut novel.

So that’s all about me for now. If you want to connect with me out of my Travel N Book Blog you can find me on Pinterest and Facebook. Also, take a look at my Youtube Channel. Who knows what interesting or inspiring story you might find there?

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