Open When Letters for Your Boyfriend: 30+ Exciting Ideas + Printables

Have you read/ watched P.S. I Love You? What did you love the most about the story? Well, if you ask me, apart from the story itself and P. S. I Love You quotes, I’d say Gerry’s idea of Open When Letters signed with P.S. I Love You.

Okay, let’s be honest here, I’m in love with the idea of writing letters to your love interest. I mean e-mails and texts are good. But when you take that piece of paper in hand and read the message hand-written by your loved one over and over it feels more real, don’t you think?

These Open When Letters for boyfriend also make a thoughtful and inexpensive gift, something you can easily put together with these printable Open When Cards.

And letters to open when is the perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband to make them feel like you’re always there when he needs you. And your boyfriend will definitely cherish these open when letters more than a gift brought at a mall.

Way to strengthen your relationship and keep the romance alive, gal.

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When to Gift Open When Letters for Boyfriend?

Well, any occasion is good when you feel like gifting something thoughtful and inexpensive to your boyfriend:

  • Birthday
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Christmas
  • Date night gift
  • Long-distance relationship
Letters to Open When Printable Cards

These open when cards also make a nice gift for your husband when he or you’re going out of town.

How do Open When Letters Work?

Open When letters are actually a series of letters you give your loved ones with instructions to a particular date or situation. Like ‘open when you miss me’ or in case of long-distance relationship ‘open when you’re on your way to visit me’.

Think about the situations or days your beau would miss you or want you the most. Write personal and thoughtful messages for each ‘open when letter’ – think about what you usually say or do to calm or encourage him. 

Like curating a playlist to help him fall asleep for ‘open when you need help falling asleep’ or write a few jokes inside the letter for ‘when you had a bad day’.

Get creative, girl, and show him how much you actually know him and care about him.

Rules to Open When Letters

Once you’ve curated your ideas of open when letters for your boyfriend, you should write an ‘Open Me First’ letter which will describe the rules to open the letters.

You can set your own rules if you want, but here I’m suggesting these rules to help you get started:

  • Only open 1 (or 2) letter per week (so to avoid them being opened all at once and losing their essence).
  • No peeking (that will ruin all the hard work of putting them together).
  • Don’t share with friends (this will tell him that you’ve curated something personal and special inside these letters just for him).

Click here to get your pre-made beautiful Open When Letters printable cards to get started!

32 Exciting Open When Letter Ideas

Open When Letters to Encourage Him

Open when

  1. you need a hug
  2. you had a bad day
  3. you feel you need to cool off
  4. you need a laugh
  5. you want to hear a friendly voice
  6. you are on your way to a meeting

Romantic Letters to Open When

What to put inside Open When Letters

Open when

  1. you miss me
  2. you want to kiss me
  3. you miss our sexy time
  4. you miss our crazy rendezvous
  5. you feel naughty

Open When Letters to Make Him Feel You are There…

Open when

  1. you are nervous
  2. you need extra cash
  3. you need help falling asleep
  4. you want me to hold you
  5. you want to cuddle me

Open When Letters to Celebrate Festivities and Special Days

Open When Cards Printable

Open when it’s

  1. Your birthday
  2. My birthday
  3. Christmas
  4. Thanksgiving
  5. New Year’s Eve
  6. Valentine’s Day
  7. Our anniversary

Long-Distance Open When Letter Ideas

Open When Letter Ideas for Long-distance Relationship

Open when

  1. when you first unpack
  2. on your first day at work
  3. when we miss our Face Time
  4. you feel lonely
  5. you’re afraid that we are falling apart
  6. you are on your way to see me
  7. you are somewhere beautiful
  8. we have an argument
  9. you are worried we won’t make it

You can add your own ideas if you would like, just keep the numbers small. Adding too many letters or for every possible situation or occasion will lose the magic of this gift.

Click here to get your pre-made beautiful Open When Letters printable cards to get started!

A Final Sweet Note

What’s more important is that you enjoy writing and creating these letters as much as your beau will love reading them. Don’t be too stressed about what ideas to pick or what to put or write in your open when letters.

Just keep it simple and sweet, something you and your boyfriend will enjoy.

FREE 30 Days Organized Life Checklist

Spend your time smartly with these small and effective lifestyle changes and make more time to work towards your Dreams!

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