5 Best Romantic Books Worth Staying Inside to Read This Winter

Winter is in the air, and you can’t miss reading the best romantic books in the white winter. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you might be busy to find the perfect gift for your beau and planning romantic dates days ahead.

With the season taking a new turn, it’s time to indulge in cozy books to read while you are snuggled up by the fire and sipping on your hot coffee. 

And what could be the perfect way than diving deep in the best romantic books?

5 Romance Books Perfect for Cozy Winter Read

I’m romantic at heart and I spent my childhood gushing over the best romance books and movies. Since then it has been my ritual during Winter to get cozy in bed and lose myself in the pages of my favorite books for hours. 

So grab your coffee, snuggle in your favorite blanket and lose yourself in some of the heart-warming best modern romance books.

The Fault in Our Stars

5 Best Romantic Books Worth Staying Inside to Read This Winter

I know, I know you must have read this book like a hundred times. But it still feels as fresh and anew every time. This modern romance novel by John Green will make you laugh and cry as you get on to the journey with Hazel and Augustus. 

Yet it will make you fall in love even though you know you will be getting your heart broken at the end.

That’s the story of Hazel and Augustus: lots of fun, laughter, and tears. 

Hazel is 16 and diagnosed with lung cancer. At first she is reluctant to join a support group. But soon that changes when she meets a charming and witty young boy Augustus Waters at the support group. 

Augustus has had osteosarcoma – a rare form of bone cancer – but recently has had the all clear.

Hazel and Augustus embark on a roller-coaster ride of laughter, craziness, love, and romance while searching for the author of their favorite book.

However, their happy times soon crash when Augustus breaks a heart-wrenching news to Hazel making both of their worlds fall apart.

The Fault in Our Stars is a beautiful novel and I would suggest it to anyone who believes in love. I like how the author showed how much cancer affects not only the victims but it scars all those who love that person. 

Every time I read this book I’m reminded of the time in life when I first heard about my mother’s cancer. Watching her go through chemos and surgery, losing her self-confidence along with her hair was too much. And one day it all ended with her last breath. 

Watching my mom struggle all through this really scarred me, but her smile through all of this gave me strength to move on.

P S I Love You

Best Modern Romance Novels Worth Reading

Now, I don’t want to get into a debate about which one’s better – a novel or a movie. But I do want to say this, I absolutely love this book. And for someone’s debut novel Cecelia Ahern did a pretty good job.  

It’s a novel about holding on to your dear ones and letting go only to learn to fall in love again.

It’s a story about Holly and her husband Gerry who we meet from his letters to Holly signed ‘P. S. I Love You’.

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Holly and Gerry were childhood sweethearts and inseparable as a couple until Gerry dies from a terminal illness. 

Holly has a hard time moving on after her husband Gerry’s death. That is, until she finds a series of letters her husband left her before his death.

Every month Holly’s eagerness to read each letter from Gerry signed ‘P. S. I love you’ slowly pulls her out of her grief. And with a little nudge from her family and friends Holly learns to laugh, overcome her fears, and discover the possibilities she never knew existed. 

The novel literally keeps us going. And soon along with Holly we too eagerly wait for the time to read Gerry’s next letters.

It’s a truly beautiful romance novel, especially when you are having a hard time letting go of your past.

Postscript: The Sequel to P S I Love You

5 Cozy Romantic Books to Read This Winter

Well, there’s always one more thing to say! That’s what Cecelia Ahern’s Postscript: A Sequel to P. S. I Love You reads.

When I first read about this book coming out, I was confused and even little astonished. I mean was this sequel even necessary that too after 15 years? But when I read the book, it put a big stop to all my questions.

Well, P. S. I Love You is a beautiful story of Holly and Gerry and I guess among the best romantic books of modern times. The efforts Gerry made with his series of letters was just a nudge to get Holly come out of her grief.

But moving on from love that powerful and a relationship that strong is never easy, right! Or do we truly move on?

That’s what the author captures in the sequel.

The book picks up after six years since Holly lost her dear husband Gerry and read the last of his letters. Holly has grown since his death and is getting on well with the major changes in her life. Her new boyfriend Gabriel being the biggest one.

However, all her efforts to finally move on from Gerry when she finds a group of people running a ‘P. S. I Love You Club’.

At first, Holly is reluctant and hesitant to help this group. But after meeting the group members and learning about their intentions behind the club Holly has a change of heart. She decides to help these members fulfill their dying wishes of leaving messages behind for their loved ones. Just as Gerry did for Holly.

However, her helping these strangers brings back Gerry’s ghost from her past, which starts to jeopardize her relationships. 

It’s a beautiful romantic book that captures one’s true journey of learning to fall in love again without having your past holding you back.

Me Before You

5 Best Romance Novels You Should Read Right Now

This is one of my all-time favorite modern romance novels. Some may think the author Jojo Moyes could have done better in portraying quadriplegic person and physical and emotional struggles they go through.

But, I must say the novel does pretty well with its characters and scenes that actually feel relatable. This is among the few books that I actually read in one sitting (not kidding)!

Me Before You is the story of Louisa Clark, who is desperate to find a new job after she lost her previous one. This is how she meets Will Traynor, who has been paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. While Will no longer feels the joy of living and rather gives hard time to Louisa as his caretaker, soon her efforts bring a new light to Will’s life. 

The novel beautifully covers their relationship, Louisa’s efforts to make Will see and experience the joy of life. While Will helps her uncover her own dreams and encourage her to follow her heart. 

Now I won’t be spoiling the story and giving away the end for those who haven’t read the book yet. But, I can assure you that you will indeed lose yourself in the story and keep guessing about their relationship them till the end.

May I warn you, this book is not for the weak-hearted. But, it certainly makes you realize that it’s never too late to truly start living.

The Time Traveler’s Wife

5 Romance Fiction to Read While You're Snuggled Up By The Fire

This has to be the most intense modern romance novels on the list of cozy winter reads. The story, the characters, the situations may seem unrelatable on the front. 

But if we think about it, many of us find ourselves falling in love with someone who’s away from us half the time – long-distance relationships, relationships with hard-workers, people suffering from terminal illnesses, one-sided love.

I think that’s the thing about love. It just happens, and we have no control over with whom, where, and how hard we fall.

Just like Clare who right at the start of the story throws us into a perplexing scenario – her life. 

We picture a man and a woman meet in a Chicago library. While Clare clearly knows Henry it seems Henry doesn’t have a clue who she is. As we move forward, we get to know, it’s because he has been time travelling from his future to her past, and that’s how they fall in love. 

But, as Henry has no control over his time travelling ability, he and Clare struggle to live a normal life. But I like how the author Audrey Niffenegger sorts out the tensions and messes on the pages.

Seeing Clare and Henry fighting for each other and being the strong person when other becomes weak is what make the story, the characters, the situations more relatable.

How Did You Like My Best Romantic Books List?

Oh well, these are the five best romantic books to read in winter or any other time you want to indulge in a cozy romance read. I hope you’ll enjoy them too. 

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