15 (Easy & Cheap) DIY Gift Ideas Your Friends & Family Will Love!

There was a time when DIY gifts had a bad rap. I remember when I used to think about giving home decor art pieces or DIY body scrubs as gifts to my friends and family. But my mind would turn down those cute DIY gift ideas saying it would look cheap.

But thankfully, homemade gifts are loved and appreciated more now over other gifts. And why not, as they show how much you love and are thankful for the people you have in your life.

Why DIY Gift Ideas are the BEST?

I always found the idea of homemade DIY gifts awesome for three reasons:

No/ Way Less Shopping!

I really like to buy things for others but during the holidays when you have to juggle between your work and home not to mention the huge holiday party-planning list, going to the crowded malls and shops and the perfect gift for everyone becomes too much.
I’d rather spend my weekends crafting and working on my personalized DIY gift ideas than fighting through hordes of shoppers in the mall to find that ‘perfect gift’.

Personalized gifts that everyone loves!

What I like the most about homemade DIY gifts is you have huge options from edible gifts to self-care gift baskets. And with Google, Youtube, and Pinterest these days you can easily find and make recipes homemade scents and essential oils at home. This gives you the freedom to make something that really suits the people on your list. I love how with these DIY gift ideas I get the satisfaction of giving something from my heart and not just as an obligation.
That’s why I always keep in mind when someone mentions their favorites or what they want so I can make perfect DIY Christmas and holiday gifts or birthday gifts for them.

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Holiday gifts within your budget!

This is another thing I like about DIY gifts. You can just set your budget and find the list of DIY gift ideas that fit within your budget. Some gifts can be completely made from the things you already have in your home. The great thing about these gifts is the quality of the gifts does not correlate to its cost. The homemade chocolates will be loved as much (probably more) as the expensive chocolate boxes from the mall.

Did I convince you enough to try DIY gift ideas and give homemade gifts (with your love and care wrapped in) to your loved ones, read on! I have curated a list of creative unique DIY gifts for everyone on your list.

15 DIY Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List!

Edible DIY Christmas Gifts

Homemade Chocolate

Homemade chocolate DIY Christmas holiday gift
Homemade chocolate

Though buying fancy chocolate boxes from the mall is easier nothing beats the homemade chocolate. Perfect for kids and chocolate lovers on your list, you can even make them in different shapes or add berries or dry fruits of your choice to make it more delicious and personalized for the chocolate lover in your life.

Old-fashioned Butter Cookies

Homemade Christmas butter cookies holiday gift ideas
Traditional Christmas Butter Cookies

Christmas is incomplete without some good traditional butter cookies? Though you try to avoid these the whole year (I know the feeling), who can resist butter cookies during the Christmas holidays? Add your own twist of flavors to this easy butter cookie recipe and to complete the gift wrap a cookie jar with these Merry Christmas cookie tags.

Chai Tea Latte Mix

Homemade Chai Tea Latte Mix DIY gift ideas
Homemade Chai Tea Latte Mix

I’m sure you will have at least one Chai Tea Latte lover on your list. What could be a better gift for them than a homemade Chai Tea Latte mix? The good thing about this gift? You can make this mix in a larger quantity about the same time and gift to your all Chai latte lover friends!

Coconut Truffles

White chocolate coconut truffles

These balls will sound amazing to any coconut fan (including me!). The best thing about this gift is you don’t need to have baking skills to make these balls. All you need are three ingredients – white chocolate, cream, and shredded coconut, which you may easily find in your kitchen. Add these in your DIY Christmas holiday gift jar or set a tray at your holiday Christmas party.

Home Decor DIY Gift Ideas

DIY Jar Candle

Jar candles and positive and cheerful vibes to your holiday home decor. Soy wax jar candles would be a great  DIY Christmas gift for your friends. They are simple to make yet beautiful, impressive, and practical holiday gifts for friends. If you can, make DIY layered jar to make your Christmas gift more impressive.

Personalized Photo Frame

Personalized photo frame

DIY photo frame is easy and so much fun to make. Ask your beau to help you make one. Or you can easily get a personalized photo frame made from the best Etsy shops. Framing a picture of your group reminding you all of a crazy day spent together would be a great gift for your common friends.

Printable Wall Art

A unique Christmas gift perfect for holiday home decor. All you have to do is purchase a beautiful holiday wall art, download PDF file, print, and find the perfect frame for it to gift your family on Christmas. Easy, inexpensive, and unique Christmas gift for the family!

Starbucks Candle

For a coffee lover or a Starbucks fan, this is the perfect gift around the holiday. If your budget allows adding a Starbucks gift card as well. This will also make the best personalized birthday gift for Starbucks lovers in your life.

Self-care DIY Christmas Gifts

Orange Sugar Scrub

Orange sugar scrub homemade DIY self-care basket gift ideas

What could be a better gift in winter holidays than a DIY self-care basket. And this orange sugar scrub will make a great self-care gift during winter holidays. Instead of throwing out Orange peels dry those in sunlight for at least a week and make a fine orange peel powder. Mix powdered sugar and coconut oil in it and your orange sugar scrub is ready to gift for friends and family.

Coffee Sugar Scrub

Coffee sugar scrub homemade self-care ideas winter holidays

Coffee sugar scrub is my all time favorite! It exfoliates the skin well and the anti-aging properties in coffee makes your skin look younger. To make this scrub all you need is a fine ground coffee, brown sugar, almond oil and vitamin E oil. For those in your life who love spa massages and scrubs once in a while (who doesn’t), this homemade coffee sugar scrub would be the best personalized DIY gift for holidays.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

lemon sugar scrub DIY self-care gifts
Lemon scrub with sugar, honey and olive oil

This citrusy sugar scrub is perfect to make your skin look brighter, lighter, and fresh during the dark winter days. will leave skin fresh and glowing. Mix white sugar, melted coconut oil and lemon juice (or grated lemon if you can) and store in a mason jar to give as a DIY self-care gift.

Practical DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Printable Bookmarks

If you want some practical non-toy gifts for kids these printable bookmarks are the best. Just purchase and download the PDF file of bookmark design, print on photo paper, and gift with a great book to read.

Wrap with these cute Santa, reindeer, and elf gift tags to make your gifts for kids more exciting.

These Harry Potter bookmarks will make unique gifts for reader friends in your life.

Photo Puzzle

A great personalized gift for him! Find a photo with a loving or crazy memory of both of you together and make a DIY photo puzzle by using a printable magnet paper. Or you can get made a beautiful photo puzzle here. I’m sure your beau will be surprised to see something unique and personal as Christmas or birthday gift. What could be a great bonding time than solving this photo puzzle together and reliving those beautiful memories?

Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized coffee mug gifts for mom, sister, friends

A personalized coffee mug is a great DIY holiday gift for almost everyone on your list who drinks tea or coffee. Write some quotes or cute messages on a mug with a Sharpie pen to give it a personal touch. Or you can get personalized coffee mug at cheap here!

Infinity Scarf

DIY flannel infinity scarf gift ideas

What could be the better gift than an infinity scarf during the winter holiday? And handmade infinity scarf will be loved equally (probably more) as the one from the store. Use you’re stocked up the flannel fabric to create the season full of coziness in just fifteen minutes!

With the variety of DIY gift ideas on this list, you can easily find unique and personalized gifts for almost everyone on your list.

Make your DIY gifts even more exciting and interesting with these cute and elegant gift tags.

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