5 Ways How to be Thankful: The Secret to Happy Life

We have been taught to say ‘thank you’ from an early age. Did you ever wonder why? Well, showing gratitude definitely makes others happy. It’s a wonderful way to appreciate the people around us and what they do for us.

But giving thanks just doesn’t result in our loved ones’ happiness. If you know how to be thankful for what you have, it can lead to happier you.

A grateful heart is a key to happier and blissful you!

It has been proven that gratitude helps strengthen your mental health and make you more optimistic and happier. It’s true, once we cultivate, gratitude has a positive effect on our mindset, relationships, and our mental strength. And I’m saying this from my own experience!

How to be thankful: It’s not as difficult as you think!

For years, I kept complaining about my troubled childhood, the way I look, career issues, and relationship problems. Heck, I even started blaming the people around me and cursing my fate for every little thing that went wrong. I started to resent my family, friends, and practically everyone around me (even my therapist who has only tried to help me) so much that got me depressed on my birthday.

What changed? What happened that changed my grumbling into gratitude?

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One afternoon when I was bored out of my mind and searching for some funny quotes and sarcasm on the internet, I came across this one. Well, don’t you agree that WE are the reason for 80% of our life problems? Just because we let out insecurities, pride, ego, and our emotions take control of our conscience.

Here’s a secret: blaming our fate and people around us and complaining about what we don’t have, only make us bitter and more negative.

Try to be more grateful and it will block out all the negativity. You start to pay attention to what you have in life and appreciate the things that are going well.

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As I started to focus on the good things in life, I became more aware of the love I received, appreciated the career opportunities I got, and celebrated and gave thanks for little victories (such as setting up my Etsy Holiday Printables shop!).

Weather changes, possessions, and experiences (both good and bad) all come and go but once we start being truly thankful, our attitude of gratitude let us be fully present and enjoy every moment that matters to us the most.

Be more thankful: Start with this Gratitude list!

5 Ways to be More Thankful: The Secret to Happy Life

Live in the present!

Try not to think about the future – or the past – too much. Being fully present in the current moment will really help you change your perspective and enjoy the moments with your loved ones (which you should). Don’t get caught up into the memories and gently come back to the present when the moment escapes you.

Thing bigger than yourself

“Not everything is about you”

This line from Postscript by Cecelia Ahern really got to me. This was one of my biggest issues. I had this fear in my mind that people around me are always judging or criticizing me. Whenever my father got a phone call or someone posted in a Whatsapp group I always thought it was to criticize and blame me for something. But that soon changed as I started to focus on more important things – what I think about myself.

Donating money to charity and helping poor kids helped me as well. When we see less fortunate people around us we start to appreciate more and be thankful for what we do have.

Keep a gratitude journal

Although, people celebrate Thanksgiving every year, being grateful shouldn’t be only during festivities. From this Thanksgiving, make gratitude your daily habit. Keeping a gratitude journal will make it easier for you. Write down what things went well and what are you thankful for in your journal every day. Paying more attention to the positive things will really make a difference.

Show your love to family and friends

We all do love and appreciate what our family and friends do for us. But it’s important to let them know how you feel and how grateful you for having them in your life. Show your love and gratitude to your loved ones by helping them around the house, spending more time or surprise them with personalized gifts.

Cultivate a grateful heart: An attitude of gratitude!

whenever you find yourself complaining about what you don’t have – I wish I had a bigger house, better job, I had more money to travel around or start a business – try to replace these with the thoughts of what you have and what you are thankful for.

Give Thanks Together with Your Friends and Family!

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5 Easy Ways to be More Thankful
How Gratitude can Improve Your Life & Relationships
Be More Thankful: Start with this Gratitude List

FREE 30 Days Organized Life Checklist

Spend your time smartly with these small and effective lifestyle changes and make more time to work towards your Dreams!

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