P S I Love You Quotes: Best 15 on The Magic of True Love

P S I Love You is one of the timeless romance books and movies that many of us can’t put down. Since the first time, I read the book and saw P S I Love You movie I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. Above all, P S I Love You Quotes and dialogues made the story more heart-warming and intense.

Here are the 15 best P S I Love You Quotes both from the book and the movie that will definitely touch your heart.

So friends, get ready to experience the magic of true love!

Best of Gerry's Romance Quotes in P S I Love You

An incredible P S I Love You quotes you could say to your loved ones! That’s life after all – making new memories all the while cherishing the old ones…

Best Quotes From P S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

The perfect advice to choose your partner! It is that simple to find your soul mate – the one you cannot absolutely live without…

Best Swoon-worthy Quotes From P S I love You

How wonderful it is to find that someone who would to start their day by seeing your face. Mere the thought of it makes me swoon!

Best Cecelia Ahern P S I love You Quotes

The intense P S I Love You quotes that shows the power of true love. The feeling of love, it never gets away even after the person is gone…

Best P S I Love You Quotes on True Love

Yes, indeed it is a privilege to grow old with the person you love. But I think we’re more fortunate to have found someone who doesn’t hurt or damage us beyond repair. Just being with such person will make you more confident in love and yourself.

What a perfect advice, Gerry! Fun apart but I truly wish if could stop doing or at least controlling things what our heart absolutely doesn’t desire, we would be much happier in life.

15 P S I Love You Quotes That'll Make you Swoon in Love

One of the touching P S I Love You quotes from the book! Isn’t that we all plan and try to live by? To find the love of our life and spend the lifetime together with them…

P S I Love Quotes: Best Ones From The Movie

The feeling when your lover does something to tell the world that you’re his. It maybe the heart slaying smile, the firm touch on your waist or the kiss on your lips that stirs your soul, oh my!

Famous P S I love You Quotes That'll Help You Move On

This P S I love You quote says so much about life in general. We often complain and whine about our problems. But we won’t know the feeling of pure bliss unless we experience hardships.

Best P S I Love You Quotes That'll Catch Your Breath

Truly said, Gerry! It’s really a privilege to find your soul mate. If you already found one hold on to them and cherish every moment spent with your love.

Best P S I love You Quotes Ever About Moving On

Aren’t we all guilty of thinking too about what people will say or think? Well William, thanks for taking us out of this dilemma. After all, no one can blame us for putting our happiness first, sometimes. No one’s going to fault us for living!

15 P S I love You Quotes bringing back Gerry's Heart-warming Romance

What a great thing to say to your loved ones! Send or say this P S I Love Quote to your partner and trust me, they will be so touched and thus will never want to leave your side…

P S I love Quotes on Love and Life

What a great advice, Holly! Although, it’s a bit confusing, it does make sense. Take this P S I Love You quote on life and find what you can do the best. Figure out what that ‘something’ is that makes you different from other. I’m sure you’ll find your true passion just as I have!

Powerful P S I love You Quotes About Moving On

What wise words! So ladies, whatever you are doing or facing in life right now, you’re not alone. Know that somewhere in the world more people are going through the similar situations as you. Always remember you all are in this together. We all are!

Best P S I Love You Quotes on Love from Gerry and Holly

Ah, a heart-touching P S I love You quote, this one from Holly! Love has such a power that it can either break us to no end or bring us back from the dead. Just as Gerry did for Holly!

Did you like these P S I Love You Quotes? Send your favorite ones to your lover and show them how much you love them and how much they mean to you.

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