One Direction Reunion is happening? What songs they must sing?

Last week One Direction completed their 9 years (on 23 July 2019, to be precise). The members Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson took this chance to celebrate the band’s 9 years anniversary and revived some ‘Incredible Memories.’

Louis kicked on the celebration thanking fans for always having their back and the Directioners took over the twitter bringing the band in highlight with #9YearsOfOneDirection. With the trending celebration came the burning question again: Is One Direction Reunion ever going to happen?

Before throwing the buzzing question at the boys, let’s take a short tour back to One Direction Songs History:

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9 Hit Songs to Remember #9YearsOfOneDirection

One Direction Reunion is happening? What songs they must sing? - Travel N Book Blog
One Direction

Since the formation of the band during British reality show X-Factor in 2010, One Direction boys have always been filling the tabloids and magazine columns for their charming looks, dating rumors, and their album songs topping the music charts worldwide.

Here’re the 9 Songs to remember the 9 blazing Years of One Direction – from the 16-year-old ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ innocence to mid-twenty’s ‘Perfect’ confidence.

Wonderful # #9YearsOfOneDirection from 16’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ innocence to mid-twenty’s ‘Perfect’ confidence.

  1. What Makes You Beautiful – Up All Night
  2. One Thing – Up All Night
  3. Live While We’re Young – Take Me Home – Yearbook
  4. Story of My Life – Midnight Memories
  5. Midnight Memories – Midnight Memories
  6. Diana – Midnight Memories
  7. Steal My Girl – Four
  8. Drag Me Down – Made in The AM
  9. Perfect – Made in The AM

One Direction Hiatus

Since the day of One Direction hiatus in 2015 (and Zayn Malik’s departure), fans have been crushed to see their favorite band fall apart and the members – Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Niall Horan going on their own direction.

Although the band’s indefinite hiatus gave the boys and the fans a much-needed break and time to experiment on their music. And I can’t complain about how each of the members (including Zayn) have flourished and matured in their music and made their own place in the ever-growing music industry.

One Direction Reunion is happening? What songs they must sing? - Travel N Book Blog

The last three years have been incredible for the boys – especially for Harry Styles and Niall Horan. Styles’ self-titled album and Horan’s debut album ‘Flicker’ created a new buzz in Billboard charts.

While Louis and Liam – following the co-members’ footsteps – dropped few solo singles that created absolute buzz, fans are still waiting for their debut albums to be released.

However, the Directioners and the music lovers worldwide are thrilled (I was ecstatic to say the least!) and welcomed their idols for bursting their pop bubble and stringing totally different tunes. Styles strung the classic-rock chords while Horan gave the soothing vibes with his folk pop music. Payno chose the hip-hop style, while Tomlinson moved on with his love for pop versions.

Zayn went on with completely different direction – mind the pun – with his R&B style.

Jonas Brothers’ reunion brought the nagging question about One Direction

While both the Directioners and One Direction Members were enjoying their time apart creating sensation for their remarkable music among the other things (like MET Gala!), Jonas Brothers’ surprising reunion in late 2018 had fans asking the nagging question about One Direction Reunion.

Although the boys have dropped the hints from time to time about the much-anticipated reunion, nobody has confirmed anything yet. While the fans were patiently waiting for the boys to get back as a band again, Jonas Brothers definitely triggered the hopes (and fear) whether 1D boys are ever going to reunite.

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One Direction Reunion Tour: These songs the boys must sing

One Direction Reunion is happening? What songs they must sing? - Travel N Book Blog

There’s a lot of talk going on over the internet and social media about whether One Direction is coming back in 2020. Then again, I found a few threads saying we may never see our favorite teenage band performing (and goofing around) on-stage together again.

Many of these pointed at Harry Styles. According to his closed sources, ‘Sign of the Times’ singer is enjoying his solo time & music (among other things) and wants to try in acting more. This means for the Directioners that we may not see the boys getting back together anytime soon!

Even ‘Strip That Down’ singer Liam Payne thought One Direction coming back in 2020 will be too soon. In all the whirlwind of (almost) heartbreak, Louis gave us a new hope saying 1D reunion is inevitable (go Louis go)!

Let’s hope the lads decide to get back together as a band sooner rather than later. Whatever the One Direction Tour date maybe (mind you the tickets you saw online are fake!) I’m ever so ready with my favorite 1D songs.

Here’s a list of One Direction songs the fans would want to hear on 1D reunion tour:

  1. What Makes You Beautiful
  2. Live While We’re Young
  3. One Thing
  4. Story of My Life
  5. Midnight Memories
  6. Steal My Girl
  7. Diana
  8. Perfect
  9. Drag Me Down
  10. Kiss You
  11. Little Things
  12. Ready to Run
  13. History
  14. You & I
  15. Night Changes
  16. 18
  17. Where do Broken Hearts Go
  18. Infinity
  19. If I Could Fly
  20. Don’t Forget Where You Belong
  21. Olivia
  22. Fireproof
  23. Never Enough
  24. I Want to Write You A Song
  25. End of The Day
  26. Through The Dark
  27. Rock Me
  28. A.M.
  29. Fool’s Gold
  30. I Would

While the boys are busy making new albums and planning 1D Tour again (take your time lads, but not too much) we can calm our nerves and revise our favorite One Direction songs.

Which one is your favorite 1D song? Which one would you like the most to see the boys performing on 1D reunion tour? Tell me more in the comment section below.

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