We Will Rock You by Queen

Remember this song? Rock music lovers and fans of the legendary Queen will recognize the song even in their dream. That’s how We Will Rock You came to this world from the dream of Brian May the guitarist of Queen Rock Band. He wanted the audience to participate and sing along the song. And that’s how the band decided to open the song with clapping and stomping.

We Will Rock You was released in 1977 as the seventh single of Queen’s album News of the World. It’s been more than 30 years since the song released and we’ re still participating and rocking to the beats!

From the legends of the rock era The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen to the recent rock bands Linkin Park and Coldplay everyone has contributed to the world of rock music and are entertaining us with their rocking creations till date.

Of course, how can I forget the solo rock artists Elvis Presley – the king of Rock and Roll as we remember him, Bryan Adams who’s Summer of ’69 is popular in summer of 2019 as well😉.

Also, a member of a famous boy band Harry Styles who is trying to break free his image and move on from pop music to rock culture. Not only his music but his flamboyance on the stage and his recent experiments in styles hint the same.

Being a fan of rock music I was curious and intrigued to know bit more about the rock music genre beyond the famous rock bands, solo artists and the popular rock songs. So let’s go back on a historical tour of the rock era before I continue sharing some facts about my favorite rock bands and singers and share the best 30 rock songs playlist with you.

Best 30 Rock Songs of all Times: Highlights of The Rock Era - Travel N Book Blog
Best Rock Songs so far – From the Legendary Queen to New-age Harry Styles rock music

Brief History of Rock Era

Rock music genre, which at first was known as ‘rock and roll’ originated in the US in the early 1950s and the form became popular throughout the world. The rock and roll music was actually inspired by the music genres rhythm and blues, blues and country music (another one of my favorites).

Of course, there’s a debate on which was the first ever rock song recorded but Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock in 1955 made its entry on Billboard magazine’s top sales chart. That was the start of a new music form, which became a popular music culture worldwide.

Famous Rock Bands

The Beatles

Five years after the first rock and roll song making its debut on Billboard chart, a British rock band came in the limelight who we know as The Beatles.

During their 10 years of active band career (1960 – 1970), The Beatles created some amazing music and rock songs that people still love to hear till date. Their while my guitar gently weeps is one of the heart touching songs I’ve heard. I even found a video of The Beatles performing on the rooftop a sight we’will never be able to see live!

Beatles performing Back in the U S S R live on rooftop


In 1970 another British rock band followed the footsteps and Queen came into play. Queen is by far one of my most favorite rock bands. Their music as well as Freddie Mercury’s flamboyance on the stage was and still is truly remarkable.

Bohemian Rhapsody a single from their album A Night at the Opera released in 1975 brought them the international success what Queen truly deserved. The song became so popular that the movie was released by the same name in 2018 to celebrate Queen’s musical career.

Pink Floyd, Guns N’ Roses & Other Rock Bands

As the years passed more British rock artists came to fame including Pink Floyd (1965)and The Rolling Stones (1962) one of the living rock legends and inspiration to the most.

While rock music was becoming overtly popular in the UK, the artists from the US (the origin of rock and roll) were starting to show their musical talent. American rock bands like Guns N’ Roses (1985), Metallica (1986), and Nirvana (1987) became renown and are overtly popular till date.

Linkin Park

I can’t go further without mentioning one of my favorites Linkin Park. The band was formed in California, US in 1996 (the year my little brother was born). Their music brought a new change to the classic rock and roll world.

No doubt MTV2 named Linkin Park as the third-best music band of the new age rock. Linkin Park created songs like Numb that really appealed to the youth and even people who didn’t like rock much became fans of Linkin Park (like my brother)!

Numb by Linkin Park

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Solo Rock Legends & Artists

Elvis Presley

While we’re talking about the rock bands let’s not forget the solo artists who greatly contributed to the rock music. The first and foremost name comes to my mind is Elvis Presley, an American singer and actor who we also remember as the ‘King of rock and roll’.

Not only his deep voice but his confidence and performance on stage are remarkable. As I’m writing this I feel really grateful to people who recorded all the great performances of the music legends and to Youtube because of which we can enjoy the greatest performances, content and glory of our past.

Bryan Adams

Remember Summer of ’69? I’m not going to lie but I have heard this song most of my life! And that’s how I came to know about Bryan Adams a Canadian singer and songwriter also a photographer, guitarist, activist and philanthropist. God, how does he find time to do so many things and make songs like Summer of ’69?!

Summer Of ’69 by Bryan Adams

Harry Styles: A savior of rock music?

Last but not least on my list! Harry Styles, one of the member of One Direction – one of the most popular boy band in the world. I know Harry Styles is not a rock singer but I had to add his single Sign of the Times from his debut self-titled album as it’s one of my favorites.

Also, who can ignore the singer from the band praised by Mick Jagger himself? And I also agree with the talk going around the internet that Harry Styles might be a savior of rock music.

That’s about some of the popular and my favorite rock bands and solo artists. Liked this post? Share your thoughts in the comment section. Let’s see if we share the same taste in rock music!

30 Best Rock Songs: Highlights of the Rock Era

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Best 30 Rock Songs of all Times: Highlights of The Rock Era

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